WOLF 359

Creator, Head Writer, Creative Director

I created Wolf 359, an original radio drama podcast series, in early 2014. Following the misadventures of the crew of the U.S.S. Hephaestus, the series is equal parts space-faring thriller, dramatic character study, and existentialist sitcom.

Over the course of four seasons, I acted as its show runner, lead writer, and sole director. In that time, we achieved one of the most devoted followings in the world of indie audio dramas, and got to work with some of the most celebrated independent creators in the field. 

Over the course of its four-season run, the show grew from a tiny operation to a successful independent web series. It’s gotten over nine million downloads across the world and been nominated to multiple writing, acting, and production awards, We also evolved in our creative endeavors, pushing the formal boundaries of what radio dramas can do into territory left largely unexplored by contemporary radio dramas. We've incorporated various techniques from the worlds of film, theater, and literature, such as non-chronological narratives, montages, dream sequences, monologues, and cross-cutting between scenes. 


The bright Sessions


In 2018, I got the chance to write a special, one-off episode of Lauren Shippen’s hit audio drama series The Bright Sessions. The story that came out of this collaboration - about a talented telekinetic coming to terms with his vulnerabilities and the good that therapy can do for him - was a personal high point for my writing career, as well as an opportunity to work with two amazing performers - Julia Morizawa and Zach Valenti - and one of the best sound designers working in the field today, Mischa Stanton.

No Bad Ideas

Co-Creator, Co-Host

Equal parts demented gameshow, fiction workshop, and confessional talk show, No Bad Ideas is a new non-fiction podcast I run in conjunction with my two writing partners from Wolf 359. Advertised as, “a storytelling gameshow where we take the worst ideas from the Internet and try to turn them into stories that are actually good,” every week we get together, take a terrible idea one of us finds on the Internet, and turn it into a compelling narrative in 30 minutes or less!


Time Bombs

Writer, Director

The result of a self-imposed creativity challenge called Fear of Public Shame, Time Bombs was created, written, recorded, produced, and released in just one week. Developed in conjunction with Sarah Shachat and Zach Valenti, my two producing partners from Wolf 359, this mini series follows EOD technician Simon Teller on the busiest night of the year for him and his team - a night when business is, quite literally, booming.


Wooden Overcoats


In summer of 2017, I was invited to write a short episode of Wooden Overcoats. The resulting Funn Fragment wasn’t just a chance to work with an extraordinarily talented cast and crew and with one of the best editors in all of indie audio drama - the formidable David K. Barnes - but also an opportunity to tell a story very much unlike anything else I’d done up to that point.



Writer, Director


In 2015, I got to write and direct a standalone episode of the audio drama series Anthology. That opportunity  - produced and overseen by Rachel Liu - led to one of my most ambitious projects to date, both in terms of storytelling through sound effects and the creation of a bilingual script that made extensive use of both Spanish and English. 

Our Fair City



One of the highlights of my career came in 2016, when I got to contribute to one of the titans of the audio drama field. Under the guidance of producer and director extraordinaire Jeffrey Gardner, I got to write the Halloween special for Our Fair City


MXDWN Movies

Shortly after graduating from college, I worked as a member of the editorial staff for mxdwn movies, a online magazine devoted to covering the latest in the world of film. I got to write weekly editorial pieces, doing creative, industrial, and pop cultural analysis on a variety of cinematic topics.

Some of my favorite pieces from my work with mxdwn

OTher Writing Samples

All There In The ManualWhile most of my work has been devoted to the screen or the radio, I have done a bit of writing for the theatrical stage. Probably my favorites of these is All There In The Manual, a short surreal comedy piece about the dangers of following instructions too closely. You can read the script in its entirety here

Build a House - At the end of 2016, following the presidential election in the United States, I was briefly involved in a sketch comedy radio project. The goal was to offer up some allegorical sketches which would lampoon, comments on, or poke fun at the U.S. political climate. While the project was ultimately shelved for the time being, I did write a few sketches for it, and I remain very fond of the material. You can read one of my favorites, Build a House, by clicking here