Over the course of writing and producing four years of scripts, a small mountain of editorial articles, and various freelance writing pieces, I've discovered, stumbled upon, or invented a couple of structuralist tools and models to help the process along the way. Here are some of the greatest hits from those shelves, offered up in the hopes of helping anyone trying to navigate the murky waters of creative writing. 

A few disclaimers: these are offered up in good faith, and in the spirit of, "This helped me, it will - hopefully - help you." It is, however, entirely possible that you'll find that my particular wavelength of geeky, hyper-formalism does not play well with your creative process. Likewise, as with all good formulas, these tools should be taken not just with a healthy dose of skepticism, but also with a spirit of expansion. These are made to be changed, riffed on, turned upside down, and adapted to the particularities of your project. These are just points of departure, so make sure you - you know - depart from them when the time is right!